May 2024


Our association with the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF) is paramount to our business success and industry standing. As a member of BPIF, we gain access to a wealth of resources and expertise that is instrumental in driving our growth and competitiveness. BPIF's guidance on compliance, health and safety, and environmental sustainability ensures that we operate ethically and responsibly, aligning with industry best practices.

Our affiliation with BPIF enhances our credibility and reputation within the industry. In essence, our partnership with BPIF underscores our commitment to excellence, innovation, and sustainable growth in the printing and packaging sector.

February 2024

Packaging Innovations

Come & visit us at Packaging Innovations & follow your development journey … you`ll see developing a carton from scratch is as easy as following footprints!

D2 Printing & Packaging brings more than 25 years of experience in packaging engineering, development and production expertise. Our team provides results driven packaging solutions for Beauty, Fragrance, Haircare, Personal care, Wine & Spirits & Retail products. Our diverse experience together with our rapid response approach offers a fresh look at common & custom packaging solutions, for small to medium run lengths typically from 100 to 250,000 copies.

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December 2023

Congratulations, your company has been awarded a Gold medal in recognition of sustainability achievement!

October 2023

Are you doing your bit?

September 2023

2,966 trees and 30 projects funded.

July 2023

May 2023

King Charles III Coronation

“D2 celebrate by giving everyone the weekend off.“

April 2023

2 new electric charge points installed at D2

We're getting ready for our new electric vehicles!

February 2023

Are you doing your bit?

After 15 months it’s great to see the impact of our Carbon Offsetting and knowing our contribution is making a positive impact on the world.

February 2023

certified printer!

What does this mean? D2 has aligned its business with one of the best Carbon Balancing organisations in the world. With Patrons such as David Attenborough, Chris Backshall, David Gower and Chris Packham they reinforce the importance of the climate crisis we must address.

D2 is proud to partner with WLT and announce we are officially a Carbon Balanced Printer.

- World Land Trust Certificate -

January 2023

Gary Sulsh

18th March 1946 - 16th January 2023

January 2023

....what can we do?

Over the coming months we will be sharing with you some facts & figures regarding our manufacturing methods, what we are doing to reduce our carbon footprint and how we are continually improving our processes to target increased environmental gains in the real world.
Along the way, we may bust a few myths too . . . . watch this space

September 2022

September 2022

Congratulations, your company has been awarded a silver medal in recognition of sustainability achievement!

June 2022

We’re ready for the Jubilee at D2. The bunting is out, the trumpets have been polished and champagne on ice. Congratulations Ma’am!

January 2021

Great news to start an exciting year, D2 Printing Ltd has been shortlisted in the Printweek Awards for

Packaging Printer of the Year!

The judges said “This is a tremendous achievement against extremely tough competition. This year we received an astounding calibre of entries from across the country, so being shortlisted is an incredible feat”.

The 2022 awards ceremony takes place on
Thursday 3rd March 2022, London

November 2021


This month, D2 have made a long-term commitment to Ecologi who help reverse and halt climate change. They facilitate the funding of climate projects and tree planting projects around the world, contributing to real climate action. Our mission is to help remove CO2 emissions and to responsibly plant 000’s of trees every year.
Climate projects include renewable energy generation, rainforest protection, and community initiatives such as providing access to clean water.
We have continued our journey by offsetting all of our employees’ carbon footprints. This includes emissions from both their professional and personal lives, including travel, holidays, food, hobbies and everything else. We’re all in this together!

November 2021

Our business is conscious of finding ways
to help the environment:

• For over 20 years we have used vegetable-based ink for printing
• In most cases, our paper is either FSC, recycled or part recycled
• Our plate imaging is chemical free and water free
• Aluminium plates are recycled after use
• All paper waste is recycled, this includes brown cardboard waste from outer boxes
• All plastic wrap, bubble wrap, shrink film is segregated and sent for reprocessing/recycling
• Paper tape is use for sealing cartons (not plastic tape)
• Reprocessed, shredded board is used for void packing  (not bubble wrap)
• 40% of our energy use is from renewable sources
• Carbon Offsetting Program

September 2021

Look at the sparkle on this!

We use bio-degradable glitter, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic-based glitter. This has been developed to tackle microplastic pollution created by glitter. This bright metallic effect glitter is indistinguishable from traditional plastic glitter.
This bio-glitter is sustainably and ethically sourced, natural and plant derived material rather than plastic!

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December 2020

The Davids that saved Christmas.

No, not our words, but the title of a piece one of our happy customers posted about us.

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November 2020

Thanks to the hard work of a very friendly and generous neighbour of D2, the staff have handmade, washable and vibrant facemasks. Thanks for bringing us a brighter side to PPE!

May 2020

We would like to thank and show our support for the NHS, especially the ICU Doctors and Nurses who selflessly dedicate themselves to saving lives.

Apil 2020

D2 swings in to action to support key workers by designing and producing PPE Activity Visors.

January 2020

After 18 years at D2 and 48 years working within the printing industry Chris is retiring.

December 2019

New Housing estate "sprouts" up in West Molesey just in time for Christmas. Un-confirmed reports say that they are made of Gingerbread although reports of marshmallow foundations are thought to be wide of the mark.

November 2019

September 2019

Its Friday 27th September, which means its Macmillan coffee morning….. The sales team are looking forward to demolishing this lovely banana and walnut cake. #macmillancoffeemorning

March 2019

IWe’re not sure if you’ve noticed but we have been taking steps for some time to make your boxes look nicer and even more environmentally friendly and easy to recycle. The paper tape, ironically, is more expensive than the plastic tape but we feel the extra cost is an ethical burden worth taking responsibility for. This simple step is important and not only is it eco-friendly it’s also strong and much more aesthetically pleasing too! You’ll also be pleased to know that shrink wrap film and other waste materials are also recycled. If you would like any eco and sustainable advice or ideas on your products please let us know.

November 2018

D2 increase their commitment to packaging expansion with further investment in finishing firepower…this time with the addition of a new Youngshin B1 auto-platen.

October 2018

D2 celebrate a “Highly Commended” for FMCG Packaging Printer of the Year 2018 at the National Print Industry Awards.

“ Consistently high quality across all samples” summed up the judges of work from the team in West Molesey, Surrey.

August 2018

D2 celebrate 20 years with a summer party . . .

August 2018

D2 celebrates an unprecedented trio of nominations for the forthcoming print industry awards!

• Luxury Packaging Printer of the Year
• FMCG Packaging Printer of the Year
• Point-of-Purchase (PoP) Printer of the Year

Fingers crossed for October 22nd @ Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London

June 2018

The D2 elite advance squad of professional paintballers drop in to darkest Surrey to mount a packaging offensive.


January 2018

Congratulations to our friends at Poppy's Picnic who successfully navigated the dragon infested waters on BBC2 on Sunday! Entrepreneurs Dylan Watkins and Louise Mackintosh had 4 out of 5 dragons eating out of their hands with their slick and professional pitch, spring-boarding their range of raw and natural dog food products into the limelight.
Dragon, Deborah Meaden fought off the competition and bit their hand off to get involved and become part of this fresh and dynamic company.
All of us at D2 wish Poppy's Picnic a very successful future and we are proud to have contributed in our small way in the development of your packaging for your products.

Good luck Dylan and Louise and woof to Poppy!!

January 2018

D2 Launch a “Warhol inspired 20 year “special edition” logo to kick off their 20th year anniversary celebrations

Our 20th year anniversary special edition pop art logo pays homage to the famous 1967 art prints Andy Warhol produced of Marilyn Monroe…
The pop art movement started in New York in the mid-fifties and aimed to blur the boundaries between
“high” art and “low” culture.
The concept that there is no hierarchy of culture and that art may borrow from any source has been one of the most influential characteristics of this genre ..

November 2017

The D2 secure “vault” (made of kryptonite and several floors under the press room) was utilised recently when we were asked to create display material for an exceptionally rare Barcelona shirt and football…complete with signatures from all the squad including the (now deposed) holy trinity of Messi, Neymar and Suarez.

31st October 2017

September 2017

What a lovely surprise from a very grateful client! Having been instrumental in a very, very, very important and SECRET product launch, our client wanted to thank us for our confidentiality and professionalism. Completely unnecessary but greatly appreciated. Thank you!

September 2017

A D2 packaging double!

We’ve just been shortlisted for 2 awards at this year’s Printweek Awards 2017. 'FMCG Packaging Printer of the Year’ and ‘Luxury Packaging Printer of the Year’!

Fingers and toes crossed for the 16th October awards evening at Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London.

March 2017

...we sponsored a joke book raising money for comic relief by our friends at Havas Life...

March 2017

D2 is 19 years old today

....we ve got the cakes but the candles were banned by the HS dept.

December 2016

D2 Christmas baubles decorate the Forests of Endor. Such a pretty and magical sight this time of year…

October 2016

Winners of the ‘FMCG Packaging Printer of the Year’ at this year's PrintWeek Awards 2016.

“…If there were a special award for consistency across all four samples, then these guys would have probably won that too,” judges reckoned...
...the judges were wide-eyed at such “flawless” product development...

(Source - PrintWeek Awards 2016, FMCG Packaging Printer of the Year, D2 Printing Limited)

September 2016

We are delighted to announce that D2 Printing has made the shortlist for the ‘FMCG Packaging Printer of the Year’ category in the PrintWeek Awards 2016!

The company is extremely excited to be nominated again in yet another category to add to the list from the previous years.

August 2016 of our customers made us a cake to say thank you to the team... an exceptionally kind gesture we thought and very much appreciated by one and all!

June 2016

D2 agree a deal with Surrey neighbour Duplo for finishing kit to accompany their Xerox digital investment.

June 2016

D2's 2016 investment plans included a digital solution from Xerox. The Xerox boys don't look too happy but D2 were delighted at the deal they did.

June 2016

D2 head to Dusseldorf and the worlds largest print show in search of good deals to realise their investment plans.

May 2016

D2 prepare the pre-press solution for a Special Edition launch from Demerara Distillers Limited, Guyana, to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Guyana’s Independence.

The gold leaf and parchment effect finish that the client wanted needed specialist colour management techniques and production based packaging knowledge coming together to achieve the desired result for this very special land-mark event.

December 2015

The purple & green elves have been busy....
Have you been good enough to receive a limited edition luxury Christmas gift?

September 2015

We are ‘over the moon’ to announce that D2 Printing has been voted as a finalist in the 'Luxury Packaging Printer of the Year' category in this year’s PrintWeek Awards.

All staff are delighted and extremely proud of this tremendous achievement. According to the judging panel, this year there was a record number of entries received from across the country.

The awards ceremony takes place on 19 October at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London.

May 2015

D2 dispatch drivers take a rare break to swap anecdotes, catch their breath and wipe the dead flies from their visors…

April 2015

D2 complete job no 20,000 !! Another landmark achieved…and a nice view of its rear. Obviously we cant show you the front for confidentiality reasons!

September 2015

D2 Printing has been voted as a finalist in the Brochure Printer of the Year category in this year’s PrintWeek Awards. This is a tremendous achievement against incredibly tough competition this year. The Awards presentation will take place on Monday 20th October at Grosvenor House, London.

March 2014

D2 were amongst 120 dinner guests of Heidelberg, the internationally renowned printing machinery manufacturer, to a 'Celebration of Print' at the Stationers Hall in London.


600 years ago most craftsmen in London were itinerant. However the manuscript writers and illuminators decided to concentrate their efforts and set up stalls or ‘stations’ around St Paul’s Cathedral. Because of this they were given the nickname ‘Stationers’ and this was the obvious choice of name for the guild they established in 1403 and for its home, Stationers’ Hall, which remains within a stone’s throw of the Cathedral in Ave Maria Lane.

When printing came to England in the late 15th century, the Stationers had the good sense to embrace it and we have continued to adapt to the many changes in the Communications and Content industries ever since. The technology may have changed from pen and inks to print and on-line links but the name has always remained the same.

October 2013

Winners of the Printweek Awards 2013 Customer Service Team of the Year - D2 Printing.

September 2013

Following the judging of the PrintWeek Awards 2013, D2 Printing has been voted as a finalist in the Customer Service Team of the Year catergory. A Printweek source stated "This is a tremendous achievement against some incredibly tough competition this year.." The Awards presentation will take place on Monday 21st October at Grosvenor House, London.

July 2013

Summer has finally arrived here at D2, the roses are in full bloom and the warm july air permeates our workplace spreading contentment and well being that pervades every aspect of our business.

April 2013

D2 help to launch this years Print Week 2013 Award.

February 2013

D2 Printing has negotiated the rights to use ANTI BACTERIAL N9 SILVER coating on our printed products.

What is N9?

It is pure, metallic silver in ultra-pure de-ionized water, micro encapsulated within varnish. Once applied, it creates a highly effective antibacterial barrier by de-activating microbes and bacteria. It protects print against ‘bad’ bacteria. New N9 varnish has outstanding antimicrobial properties designed for application in litho printing. It is proven effective against a wide range of microbes, bacteria, fungi and other allergens.

January 2013


'We've just completed printing A2 posters comprising of 212 different designs printed on to 5 different florescent colours for the Nike Airmax party in London'.

October 2012

D2 Printing has won the highest industry accolade at the 2012 Print Week awards.

On Monday 22nd October, in front of a crowd of some of the biggest names in the industry, at the Grosvenor House hotel, London, D2 were presented with the award for the best company of the year in the small to medium sized enterprise category.

The judges were impressed by the business performance of D2 Printing taking into account particular areas of excellence including its account management and investment in technology and people.

Still in a celebratory mood, joint managing director, David Houghton commented; “Despite our relatively small size we like to think we go out there and punch above our weight, particularly when it comes to customer service and client relationships. We are a team who loves what we do but it's great to have the industry recognise our efforts and achievements."

September 2012

D2 were recently paid a visit by the President of The Pan Paperback Fan club ( who informed D2 of its historic link with the Pan Publishing company when Pan built and owned the building which D2 now own and occupy.

Between 1956 and 1964 PAN set up two despatch centres , the first at West Molesey, Surrey and Edenbridge, Kent.

Every week 250,000 copies of the latest titles would be shipped down the Seine from Paris via to Le Havre and up the Thames to Kingston.

They solved the problem of transport by shipping the books from the printers to the warehouses using an ex-Royal Navy Motor Launch ML225.

The covers are a random selection all from between 1957 and 1961 when PAN had our premises. You may notice that several are signed PEFF. He was Sam Peffer a professional boxer turn illustrator who produced hundreds for PAN before moving onto doing film posters for 'Emmanuel', the Confessions series and 'Flesh Gordon'.

September 2012

Print Week Awards 2012 - D2 Printing Limited have been shortlisted as a finalist in two categories for this years awards – 2012 SME Company of the Year and 2012 Customer Services Team of the year.

August 2012

D2 roar their support for Bradley Wiggins as he powers to Gold a few hundred yards from our factory gates during the 2012 London Olympic Games.....

July 2012

D2 open new “Viewing Suite” an interior designed and relaxing area away from the factory floor which is kitted out with the very latest light boxes, viewing booths, and even some trendy neon artwork, for client colour checking and general “hanging out”, says Miss S Firetto, interior design manager of the project. “Its great to have such a “zen-like” space within a print factory, we want our clients to enjoy spending time here”.

“At D2 we take ownership of every piece of equipment; office, desk and environmental because when we come to work we want to excel, this latest development is just part of our ongoing philosophy.“ added David and David, Joint Managing Directors

March 2012

A 60ft x 30ft large format backdrop printed by D2 stars in protégé Director / Writer Ben Charles Edwards latest movie, Animal Charm, also starring Sadie Frost , Sallie Phillips and Boy George.

October 2011

D2 are proud to offer our support to “Eikon” who are doing fantastic things in the local Surrey community. “Eikon” is a charity that passionately believes prevention is better than cure. Working locally inside Surrey schools, their youth workers offer advice and support to help young people make positive decisions and stay on the right path at difficult times in their lives.

For more information visit

September 2011

Print Week Awards 2011 - D2 Printing Limited have been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2011 “Brochure Printer of The year” category at the prestigious Print Week Awards.

April 2011

Launch of “D2 Media Fusion” which combines printed and digital media. Primarily targeted for presentation / conference and marketing solutions.

January 2011

New lamination machine purchased as part of digital expansion.

December 2011

Software - Agfa upgraded studio software to latest Apogee 7 creating faster and more efficient throughput and output. Hardware - Purchase of another Epson 9900, with built in photospectrometry for automatic ISO 12647/2 calibration and certification. This creates a battery of output devices for proofing, banners, exhibition materials and other large format applications.

December 2010

Software - Agfa upgraded studio software to latest Apogee 7 creating faster and more efficient throughput and output. Hardware - Purchase of another Epson 9900, with built in photospectrometry for automatic ISO 12647/2 calibration and certification. This creates a battery of output devices for proofing, banners, exhibition materials and other large format applications.

July 2010

D2 announce investment in new Muller Martini Stitching line and hi-speed shrink wrapping machine , both to be fully installed and operable by end of the month. David Harrison said the investment was in line with growth predictions.

June 2010

We have increased our factory footprint through expansion into an adjoining premises adding approx. 10,000 sq ft of floor space and offices. . This additional square footage will facilitate the expansion of the bindery and finishing , additional storage and new office space to accommodate our growing business.

November 2009

D2 Printing is presented with the Bottcher eco-logic Environmental Awareness Award. This award is presented for demonstrating a high level of quality and environmental awareness through selecting multi-trip packaging that conforms to the most stringent of European Packaging and Safety Regulations and reducing needless waste. Designated packaging is returned for recycling which is distributed and collected by dedicated Bottcher fleet vehicles through pre-defined and controlled deliveries hence cutting needless miles and therefore carbon emissions.

October 2009

D2 Printing's "fantastic whole business approach" to customer service had our judges singing its praises, and from the looks of its testimonials, they aren't the only ones. D2 stands out by instilling a strong customer service ethic across its entire staff, a strategy that has clearly won favour with its clients.

September 2009

D2 nominated for 2 awards: SME Company of the Year & Customer Service Team of the Year.  The Awards will be held at the Grosvenor Hotel, Park Lane, Monday 19th October.

May 2009

D2 Printing have achieved the ISO 12647 colour management standard. ISO 12647-2 specifies the printing conditions for various print processes, in order to standardise print processes within a common framework. It gives us the means of optimising standard colour output for any print process. Proof engines are calibrated to match the presses and in other words it means you have the reassurance of matching a digital output to a litho output. Whilst many have said this has always been possible we all know certain colours, tints etc do not reproduce well on a digital device. This is now easily achievable and every proof is measured and controlled with a pass or fail validation report. The profiles set, even replicate the colour and weight of the paper used for the final printed item.

ISO 12647 has provided us with a common means of data characterisation and process standardisation. It means the quality just keeps getting better!

D2 are confirmed as double finalists for the "Printweek "Excellence awards" in the categories of "Customer Services" and "Improved Financial Performance". The awards ceremony will take place on Wednesday 1st July.

The BPIF PrintWeek Excellence Awards showcase the most innovative and creative companies in the Print Media Industry. In an industry where price-competitiveness and quality are taken as givens, optimal service and added value is key to success. Excellence in business – as opposed to excellent printing - becomes crucial for businesses looking to stand out from the crowd and build a winning brand.

December 2008

D2 take delivery of their exciting "early" christmas present , the brand new Heidelberg XL75 printing press. The press will be fully operational by Jan 09 and will sit alongside our Heidelberg 102 - 6 CD. This brings D2`s recent investment spend to over £1 million.

November 2008

D2 announce full FSC® certification.

- FSC Registration Certificate

January 2008

D2 Printing Limited order new Heidelberg XL 75 press at Drupa 08, the world`s largest print show. D2 Printing Limited are proud to announce their investment in the very latest technology from Heidelberg offering improved lean and environmental efficiencies. The specification ordered includes drystar drying unit, coater and Prinect Press centre featuring intellistart technology. The anticipated delivery for the new press is December 2008.

May 2007

D2 Printing has launched its "D2 Earth Policy" after installing a new Avalon B1 platesetter and signing a three-year deal for Agfa's Azura chemistry-free plates. The West Molesey-based firm, which received two highly commendeds in last year’s Printing World Awards, is keen to push its environmental practices following a £150,000 switch to digital plate production.

Joint managing director David Harrison said: “Buyers are getting more interested in what your environmental policies are, which is something that has only happened in the past three years or so.“We’ve been doing things like using vegetable-based inks for the past four or five years, but we never really publicised it because people didn’t care.”The firm, which produces a range of print for the luxury goods, cosmetics, design and construction industries, said that the environmental benefits from its latest investment were particularly impressive.

Harrison’s fellow joint managing director said: “We are saving approximately 15,000 litres of water a month and have zeroed our plate chemical usage. This also creates less waste and reduces our carbon footprint as that waste no longer needs to be collected.”

D2 said that it had won several “significant contracts” since installing the Avalon platesetter.

February 2007

D2 announces our latest investment in process-less plate production with the purchase of the Agfa Avalon CTP engine, enabling D2 to pursue even more environmentally friendly production processes. This is coupled with the latest software upgrade in ApogeeX, streamlining the current PDF work flow.

July 2006

D2 Printing Limited beat the rest of the UK printing industry by being the only UK printer to have two pieces of work Highly Commended in the Printing World Awards 2006 held last Thursday evening at the Grosvenor House Hotel Ballroom on Park Lane. Both pieces were voted for in the prestigious "Best Printing of a Brochure / Catalogue" category. No other printer had two accolades in the same category and representatives of Printing World said it was a great achievement as the standard was so high this year.

June 2006

D2 achieves Metal FX accreditation ; announcement of investment in Metal FX technology and subsequent accreditation after print trials. Product launch to be at Oatlands Park Hotel, Surrey.

MetalFX® Explained

MetalFX® Technology is revolutionary printing process that can be use to produce hundreds of metallic colours in one pass of a five-colour press. This enables an unlimited choice of metallic colours, without the expense of multiple spot inks.

The MetalFX® process metallic colour system requires only one extra link. The MetalFX® Base silver ink is the first colour to be used on the press, with CMYK values then overprinted in the usual manner. Transparency of the CMYK allows the high lustre MetalFX® Base silver ink to shine through, creating a whole new spectrum of vibrant metallics.

MetalFX® colours encompass the entire colour spectrum, creating 104 million metallics MetalFX® is integrated throughout the production process, making the Technology inspiring to designers and economical for brand owners. Metallics are no longer a high-end luxury, they are an integral part of the print world.With MetalFX® and D2 Printing Limited, metallics are going mainstream.